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E most delightful thing about our engagement is that everybody is so pleased with it. Amy Townsend said this, smiling down at her lover, who, full length on the grass beside her, leaned on his elbow, watching her soft hair blowing across her forehead, and the color of the sun flickering through the shadows, hot on her cheek for she had closed her fluffy white parasol and taken off her hat here under an oak-tree on the grassy bank of the river.

I should have thought that the fact that we were pleased ourselves was a trifle more important, he suggested. But Miss Townsend paid no attention to his interruption.

When people get engaged

You know, generally, when people get engaged, there are always people who exclaim: either the man is too good for the girl (and you are too good for me, Billy!), or the girl is too good for the man

She is there is no question about that, the man interrupted. Be quiet! the other commanded. But in our case, everybody approves. You see, in the first place, you are a Parson, and Im a Worker. Thats what they call me,the old ladies,a Worker. And of course thats a most appropriate combination to start with.

Titles that convert

Well, the old ladies will discover that my wife isnt going to run their committees for them, the parson said emphatically. Besides, if Im a Parson, youre a Person! How do the old ladies bear it, that I havent any ancestors, and used to run errands in a tin-shop? Im a Worker, literally enough.

You are a goose! she told him calmly. Dont keep interrupting me, Billy. What do ancestors amount to? I admit Im glad that none of mine were hanged (so far as I know), or that they didnt run off with other peoples moneyor[5] wives. (Id mind the wives less than the money, I must confess. I suppose you think thats very medival in me?) But what credit is their good behavior to me? You are a credit to your people, whoever they were and my own belief is that they were Princes!

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