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Whiteboards were invented to replace chalk boards that posed a health threat to its users due to the chalk dust. Moreover, chalk boards had a smoky appearance after being used for a short period and this distorted the information written on them. In the present times, cleaning of whiteboards consumes a considerable amount of time that could otherwise be used for the presentation. In this report therefore an automatic whiteboard cleaner has been designed and simulated. The design was done to improve on the limitations of current systems that include tear and wear due to use of belts, lower efficiency due to use of long brushes, costly systems due to use of expensive components, lack of safety features such as an emergency stop button to stop the execution of the system at any point due to an emergency. In the designed system, the whiteboard was cleaned twice within a period of 9 seconds (top down and down up cleaning). An emergency stop button was used together with an infrared obstacle sensor for detection of human body parts or any other obstacle in the path of the whiteboard wiper and stop the system. From the simulation results it was shown that whenever there was an obstacle in the path of the whiteboard wiper, no motors were activated and a RED light emitting diode (LED) was activated to alert the user of the presence of the obstacle in the path of the wiper. When the left or right push buttons were activated and no obstacle was present in the path of the dusters, the GREEN LED was activated and the respective DC motor was activated to clean the whiteboard. Pressing the emergency stop button at any point during the running of the system brought the system to a stop and the rest the microcontroller. Make this purchase and get a sample complete engineering thesis report on this topic. The report includes Matlab code.