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Investigation Of Acoustic Performance of Combustion Chamber Liners

Available files: ANSYS files (ANSYS Harmonic Acoustics), SolidWorks CAD Files, Report and PowerPoint Presentation. The interactions between air flows and combustion liners are the main source of combustion noise and hence cause instabilities in combustion. This can lead to decreases in engine performance, increased component vibration and increased failure rate due to crack propagation from […]


Quadcopter Blade Design and Optimization

Available files: ANSYS files (FLUENT and Space Claim), Report and PowerPoint Presentation. The primary aim of this project is to design and optimize quadcopter blades for more efficient flying. CFD method is applied in the design and optimisation of the quadcopter blade. ANSYS Workbench (Space Claim and FLUENT) will be used. Make this purchase and […]