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Design Of a Monocoque Canopy for A Bicycle

Available files: SolidWorks and Report. Currently, bicycle transport is arguably a popular mode of transport over short distances in most cities around the world. The major drawback with this mode of transport has been the fact that it is almost impossible to use in adverse weather conditions for instance in a snowy, extremely windy and […]


A Simulation Package for The Optimization of Engine Performance

Available files: Excel Spreadsheet, PowerPoint Presentation Poster and Report. The project involves developing a simulation package for the Otto cycle which can be used as a teaching aid and which can also be applied in the optimization of a petrol engine’s performance. Make this purchase and get a sample complete engineering thesis report on this […]


Development And Validation of CFD And Aerodynamic Model for An F1-Race Car

Available files: ANSYS and Report. The key aim of this project is to carry out a CFD analysis of a race car 3D model, investigating the effect of the varying drag reduction add-on devices on the aerodynamic performance of a F1-race car. The project aims to propose a rear wing design which can be used […]


CFD Analysis of Aerodynamic Brakes in Race Cars

Available files: ANSYS and Report. This project seeks to develop a new feature in race car design which will be attached to the bonnet of the race car. The feature will be in the form of a flab which will greatly aid during braking of the race car. The flab will be retractable, such that […]