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Peer To Peer Power Trading Systems In Uttara , Dhaka , Bangladesh

Available files: Report, codes and simulation files. The energy sector of Bangladesh is highly dependent on fossil fuels. This situation has led to increased carbon dioxide emission over the years. However, the government is strongly advocating for the installation of green renewable energy sources. This has fostered an increased adoption of PV generation systems. The […]


Smart irrigation system

Available files: Report and Matlab Simulink. Water is a very important component required by plants for photosynthesis, good fruit yield, transportation of nutrients, growth, good fruit quality and for maintaining plant quality, raising and stabilizing agricultural yields. Plants obtain their water from the soil through their roots. The soil moisture content is however very variable […]


Smart House Project

Available files: Report and codes. In this project, a smart home system that has two functions has been designed and fabricated. The functions of the system are improving security of the home and remote control of appliances. The proposed system is made up of a smoke and gas sensor, an infrared reflective sensor, a water […]


Smart garden system

Available files: Report that has Visual Basic codes. For plant growth and development, plants require adequate water, appropriate ambient temperature and humidity levels and adequate amount of light intensity. For this reason therefore many irrigation methods have been developed over the years by man to artificially supply water to the plants. This is because rain […]


Automatic Whiteboard Cleaner

Available files: Report that has Matlab codes. Whiteboards were invented to replace chalk boards that posed a health threat to its users due to the chalk dust. Moreover, chalk boards had a smoky appearance after being used for a short period and this distorted the information written on them. In the present times, cleaning of […]


Line Outage Detection Using Phasor Angle Measurement

Available files: Report that has Matlab codes. A continuous and uninterrupted power supply is key in the modern day lifestyle and economic activities. Any interruptions of the supply will lead to adverse effects, mostly economical and the effects tend to worsen as the duration of the power disruption/outage increases. Thus, a system that can monitor […]


Dynamic speed control of a DC motor using MATLAB Simulink

Available files: Matlab Simulink and Report. In this project, a system has been designed, modelled and simulated for the speed regulation of a separately excited DC motor under dynamic conditions of reference speed and mechanical input toque. The DC motor is supplied from a DC source through a chopper that is made up of a […]


safety improvement of steam production unit in petrol products company

Available files: Matlab Simulink and Report. In this project, a safety hazard at a steam generating plant of SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) was identified. The hazard identified was an implosion of a water storage tank due to pressure imbalance in the tank. The implosion or explosion of tank due to pressure imbalances is hazardous […]


Design of an Ankle Foot Orthotic

Available files: SolidWorks CAD Files, Arduino Code and Report. This project involves the design of an Ankle Foot Orthotic, a device that helps rehabilitate feet affected by foot drop disorder by supporting the ankle joint in movements such as flexion, extension, abduction and adduction. Foot drop is the weakness of ankle dorsiflexion caused by injury […]