Available files: ANSYS files, Solidworks CAD files and report.

Floating tidal energy devices are a growing area of commercial activity, with a number of companies developing prototype devices. This project would simulate and investigate the flow of water around a simplified version of one such prototype, and comparing these results to existing data. The device consists of horizontal axis tidal turbines mounted to a set of floats via a dedicated framework. The aim of this work would be to characterize the flow field, including determination of turbine performance, comparing with existing experimental data and validation of the numerical model. The case study will provide experience in setting up and solving a numerical model including; generating a geometric representation of the device, identifying and implementing the required boundary and initial conditions, methods for discretizing the domain in readiness for solving the required fluid equations, running and monitoring the solving process, processing and analyzing the results, also drawing conclusions from analysis and recommending additional research. Make this purchase and get a sample complete engineering thesis report on this topic as well as the corresponding  ANSYS files and Solidworks CAD files.