Available files: SolidWorks CAD Files, Arduino Code and Report.

This project involves the design of an Ankle Foot Orthotic, a device that helps rehabilitate feet affected by foot drop disorder by supporting the ankle joint in movements such as flexion, extension, abduction and adduction. Foot drop is the weakness of ankle dorsiflexion caused by injury of the dorsiflexors, neural pathway, diseased muscles or neurological disorders. A person suffering from drop foot is unable to lift the foot off the ground. These patients can only lift the limb as if they are climbing up steps. The feet are also not able to initiate the stance phase as the forefoot touches the ground first. This affects the other gait phases and eventually the functioning of the other joints. As a result, tip toeing and running becomes difficult. This project involves the design of a device that will be used in the exercise by the patients suffering from this condition during the recovery period. The aim of this project is to design an efficient, reliable and portable articulated ankle foot
orthotic with remote speed and direction control and actuated by an electric DC motor. Make this purchase and get a sample complete engineering thesis report on this topic as well as the corresponding SolidWorks CAD Files and Arduino Code.