Available files: ANSYS files (ANSYS Harmonic Acoustics), SolidWorks CAD Files, Report and PowerPoint Presentation.

The interactions between air flows and combustion liners are the main source of combustion noise and hence cause instabilities in combustion. This can lead to decreases in engine performance, increased component vibration and increased failure rate due to crack propagation from the vibration occurring at high frequencies. This project investigates the optimisation of perforated liner design to attenuate noise through experimental methods and acoustic theoretical analysis of key effect variables. The purposes of the research project are to reduce the noise levels, increase burning efficiency and life span of a combustion chamber in a gas turbine. ANSYS (Harmonic Acoustics) will be used in the acoustics analysis. Make this purchase and get a sample complete engineering thesis report on this topic as well as the corresponding ANSYS files, SolidWorks CAD Files and PowerPoint Presentation file.