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A continuous and uninterrupted power supply is key in the modern day lifestyle and economic activities. Any interruptions of the supply will lead to adverse effects, mostly economical and the effects tend to worsen as the duration of the power disruption/outage increases. Thus, a system that can monitor the location of the outage will greatly help in the response time needed to restore power. This project proposes to come up with such a solution. The main aim of the project is to come up with an algorithm that can detect where and when there is a line outage using the method of “Phasor angle measurement”. The system will detect remotely, from a central location, the location of a fault and show the lines affected by this outage. The information will then be sent to a team on the ground to respond immediately to restore the power. The literature review carried out highlights similar existing systems, their operation and their limitation. This project then offers to come up with a solution to counter these shortcomings. The design of the system has been expounded and the operation of the system broken down for easy understanding. At the end of this project, the system designed aims to be a low cost, a more reliable and a user-friendly system that is easy to use. Make this purchase and get a sample complete engineering thesis report on this topic. The report includes Matlab code.