Available files: Matlab Simulink and Report.

In this project, a safety hazard at a steam generating plant of SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) was identified. The hazard identified was an implosion of a water storage tank due to pressure imbalance in the tank. The implosion or explosion of tank due to pressure imbalances is hazardous as it can result in injuries and fatalities in the plant. In this project therefore a model has been developed to detect any dangerous changes in pressure in the tank either due to leaks from the tank or overfilling of the tank that would result in pressure changes in the tank. The system then automatically controls the pressure by allowing water to flow into the tank or by opening the pressure release valve or by opening the outlet valve to allow release of pressure from the tank. The system designed uses both feedback and feedforward control systems to do this. Using Simulink to simulate this designed system, the results show that the designed system takes 33.48 seconds to settle to the final value in case of any changes in the input or in case of a step disturbance to the system. Also the system response has no offset from the final value this being proof of the precise control of the designed model. Another point of interest in this project is the occurrence of cavitation in water pumps. An in-depth study has been done to identify the causes of cavitation and its effects on the pump output. A system has then been proposed to monitor and detect cavitation in a pump. However due to the limitation of time and resources this model could not be created or simulated and thus only theoretical analysis was done for this proposed model. This project therefore goes a long way in decreasing accidents that may happen at SABIC tanks due to pressure imbalances and it also proposes a method for monitoring of cavitation in pumps. Make this purchase and get a sample complete engineering thesis report on this topic as well as the corresponding Matlab Simulink files.