Available files: Report and plaxis simulation files.

The project involved the sampling of different types of sand soil. These samples were then put into cylinders before they were placed on a vibrating table. The table was used specifically because of its ability to shake the samples and, therefore, instigating the settlement process. The settlement gap was then measured and the data recorded. These data were then used to analyze the settlement of the different samples with a view to determining those that will settle within a very short time and those that could create very stable beds once they were settled. Comparative graphs and charts were therefore drawn. The research was also conducted and documented on the natural causes of soil settlement as well as the artificial settlement techniques that are used by constructors. Since the project dealt with stabilized sand, it also analyzed the various techniques that are available for the stabilization of the construction soils.  The project also looked at the various applications of the vibratory table and the possible improvement. The project also involved the application of Plaxis Software in predicting settlement of stabilized sand bed. The simulation results were compared to experimental findings. Make this purchase and get a sample complete engineering thesis report on this topic as well as plaxis simulation files.