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In this project, a smart home system that has two functions has been designed and fabricated. The functions of the system are improving security of the home and remote control of appliances. The proposed system is made up of a smoke and gas sensor, an infrared reflective sensor, a water level sensor together with a motion sensor interfaced to a PC through an interface kit. The PC is also connected to a servo motor, a buzzer, an LED, a camera, magnetic switch and a radio frequency identification (RFID) system. In this report, the existing smart home systems were reviewed and their limitations that include noise that interferes with interpretation of control commands, use of internet connectivity for remote control of the system that is not available in all localities worldwide, resistance from the elderly people against smart home systems that reduce their autonomy and large sizes of wearable sensor devices that are not accepted widely were identified. The system in this project therefore was designed to improve on these limitations and produce a system that would be accepted widely that had no wearable devices and was not prone to interference due to noise. Looking at the applications of smart homes it was shown that they can be used in control of appliances in the home, for monitoring of the health of the elderly in homes, for improving security of the home when the owner is away and for energy management in the home. Since the smart home market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14.5 % from USD 24.10 billion in 2016 to USD 53.45 billion in 2022, the demand for these systems is expected to grow thus it is expected that the demand for systems such as the one developed in this project will increase in the future with the competition being based on functionality, ease of use, cost, efficiency and power consumption of the system. It is therefore viable to focus attention and resources in this project to develop a fully functional system not only for this project but one that can be commercialised. Make this purchase and get a sample complete engineering thesis report on this topic as well as the corresponding code.