engineering final year projects

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Analysis and Design of Reinforced Soil Wall

Available files: Report. It is important to determine the capability of any reinforced soil wall. The expected magnitudes of stresses, failure modes, bearing capacity and displacements should be determined and checked if they are within the allowable serviceability limits provided by design standards. In this paper, both analytical and numerical analysis and design of reinforced […]


Settlement Analysis Of Stabilized Sand Bed

Available files: Report and plaxis simulation files. The project involved the sampling of different types of sand soil. These samples were then put into cylinders before they were placed on a vibrating table. The table was used specifically because of its ability to shake the samples and, therefore, instigating the settlement process. The settlement gap […]


Numerical Analysis Of Excavation Movements’ Stresses And Deformations

Available files: Thesis Report This project involved the determination of the excavation movements’ deformations and stresses in soil structure; their extents, the effects and remedies in the cases of negative effects. Excavation Movements is common in most deep and shallow excavations. It is impossible to ignore this movements due to the effects they have on […]


Simulation of backwater effects due to bridges piers using HEC-RAS

Available files: Report, HEC-RAS files and Excel Spreadsheet Flow obstruction by bridge piers causes backwater to rise up on the upstream of bridges. This backwater effects may cause flooding and cause havoc on the immediate transport infrastructure such as roads and railway. The backwater effects depend on both flow characteristics as well as geometrical characteristics […]


Settlement Analysis of a Foundation in Sandy Ground

Available files: Report, PLAXIS simulation files and drawings for the Schmertmann method. Before laying foundation on any type of ground, it is important to determine the expected type and magnitude of settlement in order to ascertain if it is within the set serviceability limit. In this paper, both analytical and numerical analysis of settlement of […]


Peer To Peer Power Trading Systems In Uttara , Dhaka , Bangladesh

Available files: Report, codes and simulation files. The energy sector of Bangladesh is highly dependent on fossil fuels. This situation has led to increased carbon dioxide emission over the years. However, the government is strongly advocating for the installation of green renewable energy sources. This has fostered an increased adoption of PV generation systems. The […]